[HOW TO] RNS-E Navigation & Firmware Update

This is a tutorial on how to update the Software and Map version on RNS-E systems. There is also a FAQ section at the bottom of the page. Please note, the software update is only included with DVD 1. It is available on its own if requested.


  1. Start the car.
  2. Press the eject button on the RNS-E unit.
  3. Remove old navigation DVD & replace with supplied DVD.
  4. Hold down the RADIO & SETUP buttons for 10 seconds.
  5. RNS-E will restart, the software will update & maps will be cached. The complete process should take 1-5 minutes but can take up to 15-20 minutes depending on what needs to be updated.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here's a list of frequently asked questions which I hope will answer a lot of your queries. However, if there is anything that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.


Q. How do I enable the 3D view feature?

A. To enable the 3D view please press the ‘NAV’ button on the unit,

then press the ‘SETUP’ button, then if you scroll down and go into 'Map type’ and simply change it to 3D.


Q. What does the software update do?

A. Now this completely depends on what firmware version your unit is currently on, I unfortunately do not have access to a change-log. If you are retrofitting an AUX input the software update is a must. If your unit currently does not have 3D perspective view, the update will add this feature. Generally the software updates are compatibility releases for the AMI (Audi Music Interface) or iPod interface if installed.


Q. How do I check if I have a MK1 unit or a MK2 unit?

A. MK1 units were discontinued in 2009, they have a low resolution LCD screen (400x240), support 2x2gb SD cards and they will have a CD/TV button right next to the RADIO button. MK2 units are currently still in production, they have a high resolution LED screen (800x400), supports 2x32gb SD cards and they will have a MEDIA button right next to the RADIO button.


Q. How do I check my current software version?

A. Press the ‘CAR’ button, then press the ‘SETUP’ button and go into ‘Version Information’.


Q. What is the latest software version for my unit?

A. For MK1 units the latest software version is 0650. For MK2 units the latest software version is 0220.


Q. Does the DVD need to remain in the drive at all times?

A. Yes. The RNS-E unit does not have a built in hard drive, or any other means of saving the data onto.


Q. Can I use the SD card slots for the maps instead?

A. No. The RNS-E unit will only read navigation data off the DVD drive.

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  • I have the Mk2 and software 0220. Is there any point updating and will this DVD allow seven digit post code searches?

    Brendan O'connor

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