[HOW TO] Mercedes-Benz COMAND APS NTG 4-204 Navigation Update

This is a tutorial on how to update the navigation data on Mercedes-Benz NTG 4-204 systems.

If you would like to purchase the V12.0 or later update, please see here - Mercedes-Benz NTG 4-204 COMAND 2019 Navigation Map Update Package - A2048270800

Prerequisites -

  • Connect your car with a battery charger OR leave the engine running during the update procedure as the installation process can take up to 100 minutes depending on the size of the map and software.
  • Switch off the headlights, seat heating and climate control system to prevent battery drain.
  • Remove all CD’s/DVD’s from the COMAND system before beginning.
  • Do not remove the DVD from the COMAND system during the update.
  • Read the complete guide before you start.
  • If your car was built before October 2008 the last possible update for these particular models is V12.0, A204 827 0965. Newer updates are not compatible with the unit due to its age.

Installation of the map data -

  1. Press the eject button to display the Load Disc Screen,
  2. If needed, rotate the COMAND Controller to select slot 1, then press down to display the Insert Disc Screen.
  3. Insert the COMAND DVD 1 into the COMAND Changer Slot 1.
  4. The installation will start up... When the DVD is recognised, COMAND tests whether the map software on the DVD corresponds with the vehicles navigation system, and whether the map is suitable for the system software. This may take a few minutes.
  5. The screen will show the version status and will prompt you to continue the update process.
  6. Using the COMAND Controller, highlight and select "Yes" to start the update process.
  7. During installation, you will see a relevant message and a progress bar.
  8. When DVD 1 is completed, remove it form changer slot 1 by pressing the eject button. Proceed by inserting DVD 2, in order to continue the update process.
  9. When installation has successfully completed, you will see a message to that effect.
  10. Acknowledge the OK message by pressing down on the COMAND Controller. This will then eject DVD 2.
  11. Remove DVD 2 from the changer slot. Installation is now complete.



  • Just purchased a 2013 Viano Ambiente 2.2 CDi. Can you tell me how and what I need to update europe maps

    Simon J Swallow
  • I have a 2015 E250 7G night edition with 2015/16 (V4) maps. Can you tell what the latest edition available is.

    kenneth osborne
  • I’m searching for a navigation cd for Command APS for mij Mercedes B 2006?
    Who can help me?

  • My vehicle is a 2010 MB E350 estate. Will the upgrade work for me?

    douglas alexander

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